Every QP product starts with raw materials. Within the machine park of QP we are able to convert most raw materials into complete products. Raw materials which we cannot handle are delivered by reliable subcontractors. They have been specialized in bending and laser cutting of products, what exactitude helps. After the frame/skid is composed it is ready to be painted.

Depending on wishes, the skid can be carried out in several types of coating. For offshore special coating solutions are available. In our state of the art production facility the production process is divided in three phases:

  • Welding – QP has it’s own state of the art welding area where qualified welders assemble and weld the frames of the powerpacks.
  • Painting –  According to the customer demands and wish we are able to paint in any RAL color and upon special request we can apply a thermal zinc coating for extra protection. This is usually mandatory for offshore projects.
  • Assembly – After the painting process the assembly process starts. According to a standarized working method all the components are added to in order to reach an efficient working method. This enables us to shorten our lead times in order to satisfy our customers.