Rent vibro hammer AllPacks 40AM with adjustable moment

The Allpacks AM adjustable moment models are available with an eccentric moment ranging from 14kgm up to 40kgm. The AM series vibratory hammers are specifically designed as free hanging vibratory hammers. These vibratory hammers are commonly used together with hydraulic powerpacks to generate hydraulic power. For powerpacks please check the Allpacks powerpack range. The Allpacks AM vibratory hammers can be equipped with universal clamps to drive sheetpiles and with casing clamps to drive tubes of different sizes.


Centrifugal force
0-40 Kgm
Eccentric moment
4200 kG
Total weight without clamps
Immersion depth
Very firm ground
to 30 m
Immersion depth
Solid ground
to 35 m
Immersion depth
Medium density ground
to 40 m
Immersion depth
Loose ground
to 50 m
Immersion depth

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