Piling and Foundation

QP has a long lasting experience in the field of the piling and foundation industry. We are able to offer a wide range of free hanging and excavator mounted vibratory hammers.

The range varies from free hanging vibratory hammers to excavator mounted vibratory hammers. We are able to offer the free hanging vibratory hammers in two different versions, fixed moment (standard frequency) and adjustable moment (high frequency). To drive the vibro hammers QP also has its own range of hydraulic powerpacks. The range varies from 200L/min up to 3000L/min. QP powerpacks meet the latest emmission requirements by using Tier 4 F stage IV engines.

This is just an impression what QP can offer you regarding piling and foundation related applications. If you have a special project or application that needs the raw power that QP can supply, don’t hestitate to contact us!