Since 2013, CONSOLUT has been selling vibratory hammers, hydraulic powerpacks and spare parts for them, as well as providing rental and maintenance services for such equipment.

CONSOLUT specializes on designing, developing, manufacturing, and distribution of  hydraulic and electric equipment for various industries.

CONSOLUT has massive experience, knowledge and technologies in this sphere of hydraulic, especially in vibratory hammers and hydraulic powerpacks.

Thanks to engineering teams of our consultants and manufacturers Consolut can handle any sort of technical requirement and work in cooperation with customers over the final version of the product. CONSOLUT got all those departments from design and manufacture to assemble and testing as well as delivery and maintenance all over the world, so we can support our customers globally.

You could find our products all over the world from Russia to Brazil, from Scandinavia to Australia. All this confirms the highest possible quality standard of our products.